Bring on the Bargains!

This year many people are holiday shopping on much tighter budgets.  Stores seem to be taking notice by offering deeper discounts.  At some places you can even find luxury items for less.

Sure, at the Westfarms Mall, a stroll through Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Cole Haan stores could be eye-opening.

"I was really surprised when I was just walking down here to see this," said college student Jenna White of South Windsor.

It's a luxury to find luxury locally.  Kevin Keenan, General Manager of Westfarms Mall said, "I think people recognize there's a potential to grow their business.  They already have a core customer in the greater Hartford area."

But, you will not see any sale signs in the store windows of West Farms’ new luxury shops.  Louis Vuitton and Tiffany and Co. are not stores that markdown.

"I don't know how well they're going to do with people are watching their money, you know," questioned Patrice Smart of Marlborough.

Keenan says business has been busy at the mall's new shops.

He adds the other stores in Westfarms are offering hearty discounts.

"A lot of stores are discounting early in the season and we've seen a tremendous reaction on the part of the customer to that," Keenan said.

Luxury items do go on sale: Just head to high end department stores like Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and you’ll find the deals.

For instance, Saks offered a "spend some, get some" sale.  On the low end, shoppers who spent between $250-$499 were awarded a $25 gift card.  On the high end, shoppers who spent $10,000 or more got a $2,000 gift card.

At Neiman Marcus, you can grab the Fendi Bag de Jour for $1,018 compared to its original price of $1,520.  What a steal!

Also, at West Hartford Center’s Lux Bond and Green the store is selling to a new type of customer this year.

"People are asking a lot more questions.  They're asking 'Are there deals?  They're asking 'What do you have; I'm not going to spend as much as I have in the past'," said Lux Bond President and CEO John Green.

The store is also displaying items for under a hundred dollars.

"We're putting those $15, $25 items on the counter so they can go OK this is all I can spend this year and I want a piece of quality."

For that price you will get diamonds, gold or platinum.  But you'll have plenty of silver selection.

As for Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, if you want a bargain head to ebay and consider shopping second hand.

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