Bring on the Bumpits

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GOODY GOODY: We stopped by Goody's 2010 campaign presentation recently to check out what's new in the land of hair ties and headbands and were pleasantly surprised with a lengthy list of styling tools and brushes -- that actually work. Our favorite comes from the collection, Simple Styles, consisting of four easy-to-use tools with three steps or less for chic hair creations in both blonde and brunette shades. And yes, that even includes Goody's own version of the Bumpit, named Volume Boost, to recreate your Snooki-esque pouf.

We liked the Spin Pin, swirled over-sized bobby pins that (as our boyfriend puts it) "looks like a double helix." The pins are literally corkscrewed into a low bun to create the stylized but messy up-do we all want (and rarely succeed in doing) by providing the work of 20 bobby pins with the use of each Spin Pin.  

BUY IT: The Goody Simple Styles Collection won't be in Target, Walgreens and CVS until next month, but we highly recommend you get your best Snooki pouts ready now.

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