Bring on the Rain, Bring on the Funk

This June has been rainier than normal, and that’s affecting people’s moods - and some businesses bottom lines.

At Roses’s Berry Farm in South Glastonbury, the grounds are green and lush, but the farm will see less money this summer. The 100-plus-year-old farm opened a week late because of wet weather, losing thousands of dollars in the process.

That’s not all, says Sandi Rose, “Strawberries need sun in order to ripen so with all the rain…and without the sun we haven’t had ripening so this is actually the second day of being open of the season, which is late for us.”

Our NBC Connecticut Weather team says depending on where you live, you’ve seen anywhere from an inch and a half to almost two inches more rain this June than usual, and it’s a couple of degrees cooler than normal.

But it’s not as dreary as some people might think. Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan explains, “We’ve only been about an inch and a half above normal, inland and at the shore line, so it’s definitely been wetter than normal but it’s not even in the top ten as far as wettest Junes ever.

Glastonbury’s Minnechaug Golf Course has been a lonely place on those rainy June days. Mike Myers of Southington works there and he says depending on the rain, the manager has to send some of the groundskeepers home. “He will usually send them home because there’s not enough work and, obviously with the economy and everything else, you can’t pay people just to sit around.”

As luck would have it, during our interviews the sun came out. Sandi Rose couldn’t contain her excitement, “Sun!  I’m just so happy to see sun and blue sky, it’s been so long.”

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