Building Emptied, 13 Victims Rushed To Hospitals

Thirteen residents of the Huntington Collins Apartments in Hartford were taken to area hospitals for carbon monoxide poisoning treatment and more than a dozen others were checked out at the scene after a tenant reported smelling a gas odor Tuesday night, said fire department officials.

Two floors of the building at 57 Huntington Street were emptied just before 8 p.m. on Tuesday, as buses were called in as temporary shelter for residents who were forced from their apartments.

Fire crews found high levels of Carbon Monoxide in parts of the building and are investigating if a generator used by a contractor outside the building earlier in the day caused elevated levels.

"Those levels could have been in the building all day. It's a cold day,  no one is opening windows, no one is ventilating, so those levels are allowed to build up in the structure.", said Hartford Fire Captain Ronald Chance.

The building was ventilated and crews let residents back into their apartments just before midnight.

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