Bullets Shock Manchester Family

Margaret Gonzalez was sound asleep Wednesday night when her 25-year-old daughter came running into her bedroom, frantic, just before 10:30 p.m. night. She thought she had heard four gunshots.

They were indeed gunshots, and one of the shots actually went into the Wadsworth Street house in Manchester.

Inside the house, police found a 9 mm. bullet that had gone through a wall, ricocheted to the adjacent wall, bounced off a china cabinet and landed on the floor.

"That's a pretty big hole. God forbid there was an emergency and you were going out. You would have been clipped by the bullet," she said.

Outside 19 Wadswoth St., police found four shell casings.

Police do not believe any member of the Gonzalez family was the intended target of what they said seems to be a drive-by shooting.

Gonzalez said she is shocked her home was fired on but thankful that she nor her two children were hurt.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In September 2008, Gonzalez  was sitting on her porch when shots were fired, she said. Gonzalez did not report the incident but police said Thursday they will investigate both incidents.  

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