Candy-Coated Lips Courtesy of Lime Crime

Family photo

DAY GLO: There's something so sick and wrong but yet so cool about Lime Crime's Candyfuture Opaque Lipstick. Apparently they agree, with the product's tag line being: So bright, it's illegal! While we're not sure you'll be doing any time for these creamy candy-colored lipsticks, we're definitely positive that you'll be turning heads with the highly-pigmented super psychedelic shades. Not like your normal out-of-the-norm lippies, Lime Crime's actually shows up as the color it appears to be in stick form when applied. So, if you ever wanted true blue cotton-candy-colored lips, there's a shade for that. It just so happens to be called, No She Didn't. (But guess what, she did.) Plus, they come in a glossy lavender tube with a holographic unicorn and we've got to tell you, it's pretty hard to say no to that.

BUY IT: Order online for $16 for one of 10 tantalizing shades at

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