Forget About Divine Intervention for Watertown Church

Landmark church won't stay open

Christ Church dates back to 1765 and its building on the green in Watertown was dedicated in 1924.  History, however, makes no difference in deciding what church to go to.

So many parisioners left Christ Church in protest at the Episcopal Church's refusal to bar homosexuals as bishops to found their own church, New Hope Anglican Church, that the Episcopal Church can't afford to keep Christ Church.

"I think it's a shame," said Carol Minicucci. "It's been in town many years and I hope the church can find a buyer."

The Episcopal Church has reportedly approached both the town of Watertown and the private school in Watertown, the Taft School.

Regardless, July 26 is to be the final service at Christ Church.

The New Hope Anglican Church uses space Sunday mornings inside Swift Middle School in Watertown.  All Saints Episcopal Church worships in Oakville.

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