City of Derby to Launch TV Infomercial

You never know what you'll see on infomercials, but the government in Derby hopes you'll see the state's smallest city and consider moving or working there.

Derby is buying five minutes of promotion time on television for $19,800. Mayor Dr. Anita Dugatto calls the infomercial, which is produced by Communities of Distinction, "a marketing tool."

Residents are divided on the issue.

"I don't think it's worth it," said Derby resident Ralph Drobnak. "In Derby, there are a few shopping centers, but there's really nothing for the people to be drawn to."

Just across the town line in Orange, Al Robles has a different perspective.

"Any advertising is good. It shows they're interested in making it better," Robles said.

One man who spent his teenage years in Derby, then moved across the Housatonic to Shelton said Derby has more to offer than people might realize.

"It's very small. It's not on the map," said David Atkins. "So a lot of people don't know about Derby, so when they come out here they get to see what it's like."

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