City Residents Surprised in Perez Allegations

As residents learned about Perez Tuesday morning, they expressed dismay and disappointment.

They said Perez is a "real person" who has done a lot for Hartford and that the allegations are now a "black eye" for the capital city.

“It's too bad. It's a black eye. We’re going downhill. Hopefully we will get someone else in office that will do a better job,” Valentino Raimondi, of Hartford said.

Perez grew up in Hartford and has admitted to being in trouble as a teen but turned his life around.

Some residents said they are awaiting judgment until the mayor has his day in court, but everyone agrees this could not of happened at a worse time.

Hartford faces an $8.5 million budget deficit and layoffs looming residents fear these charges will take the focus off the economy.

The city council Monday initiated a cut to the incoming deputy registrar's salary. Instead $60,000, the position will pay about $40,000. The city has also laid off hundreds of employees and asked for voluntary retirements.

Council members hope a federal stimulus package will dig Hartford out of the hole before even more jobs are lost.

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