Hurry Up and Mail That Package

Do you still use snail mail? If so, the next time you head to your neighborhood post office, the doors could be shut for good.

Maureen Marion, the spokesperson for Connecticut's postal service, says 150 small, post office station branches in Connecticut are being considered for consolidation.

"We are looking at the optimization of the existing infrastructure of the postal service," Marion told the Hartford Courant. "We have a little too much building right now to serve our customers effectively." 

Career post office staff won't lose their jobs but temporary employees will be affected, she told the newspaper.  The post office will review the stations and it will be at least four months before anything changes.

Union officials of the Greater CT Area Local, American Postal Workers Union are questioning the announcement.

"While the union fully understands the serious financial condition currently confronting the postal industry, the wholesale closing of 150 post offices in Connecticut needs greater debate and discussion from the stakeholders of the postal service, including its customers, community leaders, postal unions, and postal employees," John H. Dirzius, president of the union, told the newspaper.

Right now there are 400 postal facilities in the state. 

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