Completely Bare’s Skin Buffing Crystals Give Your Cleanser Oomph

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Jared Sherman

BUFF IT OUT: Is there a for facial cleanser? If so, we'd like to sign up. Until then, we'll be stockpiling old trusty from our first breakout circa 1997. But what happens when we start to (gasp!) age, and our prepubscent acne-fighting gel just isn't doing it for us anymore? Well we're just glad we were introduced to Completely Buff from Completely Bare, a spa better known for their stellar hair removal and questionably strategic rhinestone placement skills. Unlike most exfoliators, just adding a pinch of Completely Buff's micro-fine aluminum oxide crystals turns your every day face wash into deep cleaning machine. Not only will you be left with softer, smoother skin, buffed at the strength of your choosing, you don't have to worry about backfire breakouts from swapping to a new cleanser. We think we're in love.

BUY IT: Order Completely Buff online for $25 at

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