Slaughterhouse To-Go Could Head Your Way

A Connecticut lawyer plans to execute traveling slaughterhouse

If a Connecticut attorney has his way, the state's beef farmers will soon be able to slaughter their livestock nearby, making barnyard animals into burgers right in your backyard.

Douglas Dubitsky, an agriculture/equine attorney in Hartford, wants to develop a livestock butchering facility on the move, the Waterbury Republican-American reports.

"We're planning a complete slaughterhouse on wheels," he told a group of farmers meeting in Torrington recently, the Republican-American reports. "All the studies say there's a lack of processing. We're going ahead with this."

Dubitsky told The Republican-American that the plan would be to park the trailer temporarily at community fairgrounds and do all the processing inside the facility and out of view. The trailer would then move on, taking everything with it, including hides, blood and waste.

Farmers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont are facing abrupt shortages of slaughter and meat processing services at a time when the market demand is growing for their local meat products, CISA reports, and it turns out plans for a traveling slaughterhouse just might be the fix that they’re looking for.

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