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When we think of firefighters, we think of heroes we can depend on. Those individuals who put their own safety at risk to save the lives of others. Say the word firefighter and chances are we all picture the same iconic image: an individual rushing out of a red truck and into a blazing building, ready to do his or her job in order to keep you safe.

But what if there were no firefighters left to depend on? In Connecticut, that’s an increasingly real and alarming possibility. 

That’s because Connecticut fire departments are currently suffering from a shortage of first responder volunteers. Of Connecticut’s 26,000 firefighters, 83 percent are volunteers. Meaning, the state’s 300 fire departments depend heavily on everyday people just like you. Sure, they’re heroes, but they’re also teachers, business owners, retirees, mothers, fathers, students, and more from all walks of life. 

To keep Connecticut communities safe, we need more citizens to answer the call of duty. From teenage cadets to seasoned veterans, local fire departments need volunteers of all skill levels and abilities — people willing and able to respond to emergencies whenever called upon, as well as support personnel such as fire police, administrative assistants, and more.

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See you out there.

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