Free Wheeling – No Tolls for CT Roads

Governor Says CT Tolls Won't Be Used for Budget Woes

Somethings in life are free, like Connecticut highways.

Reinstating tolls on Connecticut highways will not be part of any solution Gov. M. Jodi Rell proposes to resolve the state's budget deficit.

The state could use the money, Rell said, but reinstating tolls is "not an option for me."

Toll booths on Interstate 95 and many Connecticut bridges were dismantled 20 years ago after seven people died in a crash at the Stratford toll plaza.

The revenue from tolls, which used to help pay for transportation projects, was replaced by gasoline taxes.

Rell and lawmakers are examining several cost-cutting ideas to close the current fiscal year's deficit and about $6 billion in shortfalls expected in the next two budget years.

The General Assembly reconvenes on Jan. 7, 2009.

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