Custom Collars

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Roarke NYC

BEAUTIFUL STRANGER: Once described to us by a friend as a, "beautiful fishing net full of jewels and sequins," Roarke New York's (once) indescribably gorgeous Le Charlot collars have sky-rocketed to the top of our coveted list. We like the original combination: chiffon heavily embellished with light beads, sequins and pearls in a neutral nude or grey, please. However, the other options are growing tenfold, featuring paisley print mesh, pyramid studding and even some Navajo-inspired beading patterns. Each piece is handmade in India and takes 2-3 weeks to ship - that's just how long it takes for the one of a kind factor to sink in.

BUY IT NOW: Order Roarke NYC's Le Charlot online, starting at $395.

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