Cyber Monday Shopping: Never Pay Shipping

Hate paying shipping fees while holiday shopping on line? Then don't.


Lana McClure does almost all of her shopping on line, and she said she never pays for shipping.

"I love it a lot," she said. "It's good. It saves lots of time and lots of money."

With the holidays approaching, McClure said free shipping offers stretch her budget. She said shipping costs average between $6 and $10, so on multiple orders, that adds up fast.

McClure uses Web sites such as, which has a special page listing free shipping offers.

Neal Rapoport, who created the site, said there are more free shipping deals than ever before because of the weak economy.

"One of those ways to compete is to offer free shipping, because you'll buy it from a place where you don't have to pay shipping versus a place where you do," Rapoport said.

Here are some Web sites where on line shoppers can find free shipping offers:

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