Cyrus and Max Azria's Wal-Mart Contribution

DVF & H. Stern Rock Out and Slashed Surfwear

BIG BOX BASICS: Miley Cyrus's collection for Wal-Mart, under the watchful eye of Max Azria, isn't so much the hokey pokey disaster we anticipated. We particularly like the American Apparel look-alike acid wash v-neck t-shirts, in an angry orange and muted navy over rose. Plus, we dig anything for $8 bucks. Stock up before back-to-school tweens beat you to it.

ROCK THIS WAY: We wish we could break the bank for Diane Von Furstenberg and Brazilian jeweler, H. Stern's Time collaboration collection. Any piece of the duo's super luxe rock candy jewels will set you back well over a grand -- the diamond-studded wristwatches weigh in at $10K -- but it's well worth the splurge. Tumbled jewels (actually faceted chunks of colored crystals) give a multi-dimensional face, while an ostrich leather strap secures your thousands in classic DVF fashion -- with a wrap. Contact H. Stern New York (800-747-8376) for more information or order online.
SLASHER: We've been waiting for the mall brands to jump the super slashed denim trend and come up with some shredded skinnies of their own -- and ahoy! Too loud, too dark, too teeny-bopper -- Hollister it is! (Abercrombie has a similar thrashed-up pair they're releasing but with much more turmoil-looking gashes.) This is way beyond the teen set though, with perfectly random placed destruction, we love love love their Oceanside Shredded Skinny. Only $69.50 and comes with your ability to hold your own in the Hollister jungle. We wish you luck.

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