DeLuca: I Was Treated Unfairly

Former Senate Republican leader Louis DeLuca said he was not treated fairly after he pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening.  He would have been treated differently if he were a Democrat, he claimed.

DeLuca was arrested after he asked businessman James Galante to intervene in a domestic dispute involving DeLuca's granddaughter. 

DeLuca said he believed his granddaughter was being abused by her husband, Mark Colella, and he wanted Galante to arrange for someone to threaten Colella and tell him to stop the abuse.

DeLuca resigned from the Senate in November of 2007, paid a $2,500 fine to the state Ethics Commission and decided not to seek re-election.

Wednesday however, DeLuca said fellow lawmakers treated him differently than if he were a Democrat.

He named four Democrats who faced certain allegations but said nothing was ever done to them.

DeLuca held a news conference in Hartford Wednesday to complain about the system by which he was investigated. 

He said he owned-up to his actions, paid the penalties and that should have been the end of it.  But, he said, the Democratic majority then pushed for his resignation but it never took similar action when Democrats got into trouble.

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