Die, Cupid, Die: What to Do If You're Done With Love

Enough is enough.  If I see one more happy couple kissing, I'm going to throw up in my mouth.  I know you're feeling it, too. 

Here are some fun weekend events in Connecticut for those of us who hope CUPID ends up getting shot in the rear.

Shred Your Ex-  He ripped out your heart.  Now you can rip up his face!  Thursday night, Dulce in Hartford is hosting a great party.  Bring a picture of your ex, shred it at the door, and get some free swag.  The event starts at 5 p.m.

Drink 'Em Up- Bring the friends over to Vaughan's Public House or any of the Wood-n-Taps in Connecticut Friday night.  They'll be chugging Guinness with a half-million beer drinkers worldwide to try and set a world record.  The heck with romance.  This is all about the bro-mance.

Kill Your Past - Jelly's Last Jam will take the stage at the Yale University Theater in New Haven this weekend.  It's a cabaret-style performance featuring magic, death, and music.  Basic idea?  An exorcism of the lies and deeds (and ex's?) that haunt us.

Little Black Dress Night- Ladies, show them off.  Guys, check them out.  Ultra 88 Nightclub at Mohegan Sun will let the gals in before 11 p.m. if they're wearing the dress.  You'll be glad you're single.  Icebreaker at the bar?  Drop the random trivia that the abbreviation for the "most romantic holiday" is V.D.  On second thought....

Angry Singles, Angry Jurors- Here's a show about some ticked off people.  A dozen of them, to be exact.  Twelve Angry Jurors, as in, the former Twelve Angry Men, will be performed at the Playhouse on the Green in Bridgeport this weekend.

Cheaters- Check out Stamford Theatre Works for a performance of a show called Defiance.  Without getting into details, let's just say it's about one man stealing another man's wife.  Told you Valentine's Day was for suckers.  Beh.

Down and Dirty- Nobody says "screw love" like Kid Rock.  He's hitting up MGM Grand at Foxwoods Saturday and Sunday night.  Some hard-hitting music should be enough to clear your mind.

For those of you who are a little more bitter and jaded, chances are you're going to avoid humanity.  These websites should keep you distracted:

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