Eat Great for $20.08

This news is NOT going to help your waistline.

It will, however, help your wallet, and possibly your relationship.

Connecticut Restaurant Week 2008 runs Nov. 16-22, and that means you can go out to dinner a couple of times for what it might have typically cost you to go out once.

More than 170 restaurants have come up with specials for $20.08. Many of the deals include an appetizer, dinner and dessert.  Some, like Hartford City Steam, will even throw in a beer. There are also lunch specials.

It's a great opportunity to check out restaurants you might not normally be able to splurge on, such as Trumbull Kitchen or Max Oyster Bar.

Bob DeZinno, President and CEO of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, said it was a no-brainer.

“Given the economic climate and recent events on Wall Street, people are scaling back on luxuries likes going out to dinner.  We want to offer Connecticut residents the opportunity to treat themselves to a great restaurant experience without breaking the bank,” DeZinno said.

Click here for a list of participating restaurants.

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