Suspected ‘Cameraman' Charged in Child Sex Assault Case

Police have arrested the suspected cameraman in what they've called a kiddie porn operation headed up by a foster father.
Stephen Turkington, 60, lived in the barn on property owned by Craig Niles of Stafford Springs.
Last month police arrested Niles on charges he was having a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old girl. During a search of his home, police said they found photos and videos of child pornography filmed by Turkington.
In an affidavit, police said, "There were several video clips that clearly documented a second individual filming the sexual acts between Craig Niles and the victim. This individual operating the video camera was referred to as 'Steve' by Craig Niles."
Police said Turkington was later identified by the 11-year-old victim.  He is a lifelong friend of Niles and was currently renting a barn on Niles' property.
The affidavit said, "Turkington explained he went along with video taping these incidents for Craig because he believed Craig would go easy on his rent for the barn."
It said Turkington also told police he was thinking of turning Niles in, but ultimately decided not to when another friend advised against it.  Police said they're still actively investigating.
Turkington was arraigned in Rockville Superior Court and was ordered to be held on $250,000 bond.
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