Doggie B & B Prepares to Pamper Pooches

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Calming music. Private suites. And a 24-hour concierge?

Sounds like a high-end retreat.  And it is.  For dogs.

Melissa Marter is getting set to open ‘Who’s Your Doggie?’, a bed-and-breakfast (“not a hotel for dogs!”) in Milford.

A former printing shop at 100 Gulf Street is in the process of being converted into the B&B. Just last week, Marter received approval from the city’s Planning and Zoning Board and, once she has permits in hand, she’ll accept the first four-legged overnight guests.

In addition to soothing music, the B&B boasts a 24-hour attendant, salon services, cable TV, both public rooms (for the more social pups) and private rooms, and color TV. 

But perhaps the best feature, explains Marter: “Doggie runs are separate from where they go to the bathroom.”

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