Don't Litter — Please, No Really

Some want signs, others want a positive message

New Haven's Board of Parks Commissioners president David Belowsky says the answer to getting people to stop littering on city streets as simple as painting the words "Don't Litter" on the back of all Parks Department vehicles.

“That might help people realize that we’re picking up trash after trash after trash,” Belowsky told the Board during a meeting last week, the New Haven Independent reports.

The city has between 50 and 60 vehicles that could be painted with the sign.

It seems like a simple solution, but not everyone was happy with it. 

Alderwoman Migdalia Castro was concerned that the "Don't Litter" message was too negative, the paper reported.

“Can you do it in a way that it’s also positive?” she said. “Like ‘Pitch In?'”

Castro suggested asking taxpayers what they would want to see.

The item was tabled until the next meeting, pending further research into the wording of anti-litter slogans.

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