Driving Over Cop's Foot a Bad Idea

Getaway Car Reported Found Saturday

Meriden police reported Saturday that they have found the vehicle they were looking for in a case that involved hitting a police officer's foot and a shooting Friday.  The car was impounded, but no arrests have been made, according to the police.  They said the investigation is continuing.

Speeding off from a traffic stop was a bad idea for the driver in Meriden, but his or her worse move was hitting the cop while getting away.

Two Meriden police officers on a detail to detect drug dealers and suspicious activity approached the Dodge Charger just before 12:30 p.m. Friday. One approached the driver's side. When he got close, the driver punched the gas and ran over his foot, police said. Police fired two rounds at the car.

The car was rented out of a  Windsor Locks agency, police said.    

The officer was treated for a foot injury.

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