Drug Store Dissection: OTC Cosmetics

Newest players from CoverGirl, Neutrogena and Revlon

LONGING FOR LASHES: CoverGirl LashBlast compares itself to DiorShow in its newest ads. Ballsy, no? But we have to commend them for their amazing extra thick brush that can tame even the longest of lashes with no clumping. Unfortunately, we don't all have the luxury of having naturally fluttery lids so CoverGirl's fav mascara has come up with a solution - LashBlast Length, featuring a thinner version of the regular LashBlast brush and a no-flake nylon-enhanced formula, claiming to produce "80 percent longer" lashes. LashBlash Length has only been available online, but starting this month it will be available at your local CVS and Walgreens.

TEMPTING TIPS: Remember those silicone-based nail "polishes" from your childhood that peeled off in one fell swoop and smelled slightly like cupcakes and lavender? Well, Revlon must be feeling nostalgic because they've created Fruitful Temptations, a new collection of creamy produce-inspired shades that supposedly smell like their fruity counterparts once dry. Good news? You have a surefire way to know when your nails are completely done. Bad news? You'll be sniffing in enough head-spinning fumes to black out in the mean time.

SURF THE SCRUB: Today's teens have it good. Seriously. When we were grease-laden high-schoolers, we were stuck with amber bars of soap and pasty apricot scrub to solve our skin issues. Now, Neutrogena's High School Musical spokes-girl buffs her way into Zac Efron's arms with the Wave - a battery-powered foaming skin scrubber that takes the guess work out of deep pore cleansing. The Wave Duo, the newest in the Neutrogena family, has two speeds, one for gently foaming vibrations for every day, and a higher speed for a serious grease and grime busting buzz.

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