Dudleytown, Cornwall 

First, a warning - don't go here -- not because we are saying the ghosts will get you, but police sure will. The location is owned by an organization called The Dark Entry Forest Association, and the group wants to protect the land from vandals.  With that said, even the name of the group is a little frightening.

One of the many legends behind the land is that the hauntings started with the beheading of a man named Edmund Dudley, who plotted to overthrow King Henry VIII in England back in the 1500s, according to Legendary Connecticut and Haunted Connecticut. Legend has it that after his beheading, his entire lineage was cursed and suffered horrors and tragedies over the years.

People have told us the Dudleys settled in Dudleytown in 1748, which is when things got really ugly. There were mysterious murders, suicides, disappearances and deaths plagued everyone who settled the land.  The last time anyone lived on the land was back in the mid-1920s, and those who have visited the location since say the most frightening part of the land is the complete and total silence of the woods. That, they say, and the mysterious black shadows that seem to appear and disappear out of the corner of your eye. Books covering our local haunted places say the same thing.

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