Dylan George Thinks Again

RIPPED AND REDUX: We fell victim to Dylan George's ripped and re-washed denim when we spotted them paired with Cynthia Vincent wedges on Vanessa Hudgens. One too many catcalls to the Jersey Shore later, we were torn (and so were our jeans.) The fit, the fabric, it was so good, but the wash and detailing on the debut collection from William Rast co-founder, Danny Guez, was just way too trendy for our taste. This season, however, we were thrilled when we were invited to the Dylan George showroom to check out Spring and Fall for this year with the promise of something different. (And this time, different didn't mean horrendously dated.)

Skinny cargos, ponte pants, and classic wash, classic fit denim rules the Fall and Spring collections for Dylan George, for a mature move with a contemporary twist. Thick low waistbands, super stretch fabric with shape retention, and plenty of shorts in soft plush cotton with dignified inseams and rises for the under 30 set satisfied this season and into the next.

BUY IT: Find the new Dylan George Spring 2010 collection at Nordstroms, Westfarms or online at Revolveclothing.com.

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