Explosion at Cheshire High

A home made device exploded inside the school's gym.

Local and state emergency responders as well as the FBI were on the scene at Cheshire High School Friday night after a homemade device exploded in the school’s gymnasium.
Cheshire Police told NBC Connecticut a plastic water bottle containing household products blew up inside the gym around 5:37 p.m. this evening.
The bottle was tossed in the area while the girls’ volleyball team was holding practice. The gym was evacuated. Sgt. Kevin O'Donnell of Cheshire Police Department happen to be patroling the area around the same time when he was called to the area.
"At about 5:30 tonight I was flagged while driving through the parking lot," O'Donnell said.
Two coaches were sent to the hospital with headaches and soar throats. Police tell us aluminum foil was inside the water bottle that exploded from pressure.
Enviornmental Protection cleaned up the area while authorites worked together to investigate the scene.
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