Explosive Complaint

A pipe bomb sent shrapnel 391 feet into a tree and a Milford neighborhood on edge.




Milford police went into CSI-mode Monday after getting a complaint about an explosion on Red Root Lane. The complaint came at 2:47 p.m. Police went to the house to investigate.


Refused entry, police detained two people for a short time and applied for search warrants.


Armed with the warrants, they seized clothing, a computer and evidence of the detonation of "improvised explosive devices," police said.


One neighbor, Michael Blake, told NBCConnecticut he thought a water heater or furnace had blown up.


"(I) was looking for a burning house," he said.


Police turned the debris over to state analysts. Any criminal charges await results of their tests.


"A homeowner just can't go and blow something up," said Officer Vaughan Dumas, public information officer for Milford Police.


In July 2006, the bomb squad had to defuse a pipe bomb someone left in the fuel fill of a car on Wolf Harbor Road. That was in the same neighborhood as Monday's blast.


No one was charged in that incident, but the bomb could have detonated if the fuse had not burned itself out.

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