Fashion School Drop-Out

FASHION FLUKE: Here's one way to flunk fashion school -- purchase sketching paper that has pre-drawn figure forms and roughly sketch your creation over, blend, smile, pretend it was all done by hand. To be honest, since we aren't actually in fashion school, we don't actually think this would get you kicked out of fashion school. (Most designers use croquis templates mirrored under their designs to be sure the sketch is proportional anyway.) Plus, we really love this idea and when we spotted it on The E-List, we knew further investigation had to be done.

The culprit is long-time fashion maven Tamar Daniel, who knew first-hand the hardships of layering and lightboxes that designers had to deal with when trying to be at their creative best. Daniel decided there was a need on the market for an innovative sketch pad that had the outlines of croquis already there -- for not only students and beginner fashionistas around the world. Thus was the birth of Hokey Croquis, with 40 pages of front and back pre-made croqiues encased in ever-so-stylish bounding. Best of all, the outlines will disappear once scanned or copied, so your designs shine through. Not too shabby.

BUY IT: Order online for an end of the year promotion -- buy one, get one half off through Dec. 31!

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