Burger Guy Busted in Fast Food Bill Fake-Out

Cops say he asked coworker to change fake bill

All Herman Houser said all he wanted was change for a $20, but that bill got him into trouble. 

On Sunday, Stonington police busted Houser, 45, of Willimantic, after he had a fellow employee at Five Guys Burgers and Fries give him change for a fake bill, police said.

Police told the Day of New London that Houser asked the employee to give him two $5 bills and one $10 bill in exchange for the counterfeit $20.

The employee at the Coogan Boulevard restaurant later noticed the bill was smaller and felt different than an authentic $20 and it did not have the required security measures, the Day reports.

Investigators say Houser has a long rap sheet and he's been convicted 10 times in Connecticut since 2001. His latest charges include first-degree forgery and sixth-degree larceny to that list. 

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