‘Twilight' Puts Spotlight on Hartford Writer

Film Version of Hot Teen Novel Opens Friday

One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year hits theaters Friday and it is the creation of a Hartford-born writer.

There is a frenzy around the screen adaptation of the best selling novel "Twilight", the love story between a teen and a vampire, based on the popular book by first-time author Stephenie Meyer.

""I had a really great dream that had a vampire in it, which was an unusual thing for me since I don't spend a lot of time thinking about vampires," Meyer said.

She said she never dreamed "Twilight" would ever be published. She wrote the story as a personal exercise.

The teen girl is played by Kristin Stewart. Rob Pattinson plays her blood thirsty love interest.

"Twilight" opens this Friday in theaters nationwide and already several hundreds midnight shows are sold out.

Learn more about Meyer on the Web site.

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Watch fans go into a frenzy on the red carpet at the premiere.  

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