Flags For Our Fathers

Puza, who now finds it hard to speak about things that happened on the battlefield, was happy for the recognition.

"It was wonderful what they did," said Puza, "I got a soft heart, that's all I gotta say."

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They are part of the greatest generation in America, and for ten men who fought during World War II, this Flag Day was a day to be honored.

Benard W. Puza was a private in the infantry, he was drafted in 1943 and by 1944 he was in the thick of the battle. He was captured on the Moselle River in France and spent six month in an enemy prisoner camp.

On Sunday, Puza, and his World War II brothers were presented a great honor, the distinguished Connecticut Wartime Service Medal in a special ceremony at Atria Greenridge Place in Rocky Hill.

State Sen. Paul Doyle of Wethersfield and Rep. Tony Guerrera of Rocky Hill, who serve on the Veteran's Affairs Committee, presented the awards to the pilots, sailors and soldiers who gave so much for the freedom of our nation.

"The sad thing is 1,500 World War II vets are dying every day and we're losing all our heroes from WW2 and we need to treasure the few we have left and honor them before they're all gone," said Doyle.

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