Chapped Lips Beware

Sara Happ

SCRUB IT: We're fighting off a serious case of weather-induced chapped lips this season. This is a seriously flaky, painful, totally atrocious kiss-killer case that is certainly not going to fly with the ball dropping this week for New Year's Eve. However, we were lucky enough to discover Sara Happ's miracle-working line of Lip Scrubs just in time.
Her cult-followed product is a smoothing and soothing scrub that is just scooped up and smothered from the purse-size pot. Once your lips have been exfoliated, wipe the sugar crystals clean (or just lick them off) to reveal slick soft lips. Best of all, they come in hard to resist flavors like cinnamon sugar, cocoa, and creme brulee - yum!

BUY IT: Order online for $24 each or find at Green Tangerine Spa and Salon in Canton (860-693-8785).

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