Foundation With an Identity Crisis

Perricone MD

DAYLIGHT DILEMMA: Meriden-based Perricone MD is a gold mine for the anti-aging, moisturizing, stretch mark prevention, skin care obsessed set, but what about a treat for those of us who are just commitment-phobic? Not pointing fingers or anything, but when it comes to changing our regiment from spring to summer, it gets a little daunting having to consider what shade of tinted moisturizer to buy when our opportunities in the sun are just so fleeting. Will we be baked or caked? That's why we like Perricone's genius No Foundation Foundation, a smoothing SPF 30 moisturizer that works as a powerful matting cream and concealer for redness and imperfections. One shade matches all, so you don't have to worry about having to compete with your cosmetics for time in the sun.

BUY IT: Find online for $50 or at Nordstroms, Westfarms.

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