From “Springfield” to the Stage

For the past 18 years, Mike Reiss has been one of the people responsible for making "The Simpsons" one of the most successful TV shows of its time.  Now, according to Variety, the writer is putting his skills to use to create a play about Connecticut, performed in Connecticut.

Reiss has scripted "I'm Connecticut," a satirical play telling the story of a 30-something Simsbury native living in New York

The main character spends the show, according to Variety, trying to deal with the fact that he apparently lacks a personality due to his "Land of Steady Habits" upbringing.

The show is still being cast, but Joyce DeWitt of "Three's Company" fame has signed on for one of the major roles. 

Reiss, who is a Connecticut native himself, isn't solely known for "The Simpsons."  He's also co-wrote "Ice Age 3" and co-created the cult favorite "The Critic."  On top of that, he even composes puzzles for Games Magazine and NPR.

"I'm Connecticut" will be performed Dec. 1-10 at UConn's Connecticut Repertory Theater in Storrs.

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