Guinea Pig Mania Hits Connecticut

Some fear movie release might increase pet sales

It’s hard to imagine how a kid’s movie about crime fighting animals can cause concern, but a Durham woman is worried about the release of the new Disney movie "G-Force."

The brand new release stars secret-agent guinea pigs with all sorts of special talents and to make it that much more exciting for kids, it can be seen in 3-D.

The president of the Critter Connection guinea pig rescue isn’t as happy about the new movie as children. Cindy Kuester thinks the film will have parents rushing out to by the pets, with many of them giving them to pet rescues a few weeks later.

Kuester says it’s happened before, like when Disney re-released ‘101 Dalmatians.’

“Everyone ran out and got the different cute little puppies then got tired of them. That’s what happens when they get tired of them, the novelty wears off and they turn to the rescue groups for help,” she said.

Kerri Wilson took her daughter Kaylee to see ‘G-Force’ on opening night.

“She’s been counting down the days to see the movie. She’s really excited about it,” Wilson said.

She will not be getting her daughter a new pet, no matter how much she likes the movie.

Kuester says that as long as parents do the research and are sure that the family is able to care for the pet then guinea pigs make terrific pets.

She says she has already saved more than 700 of the animals, and hopes the new film doesn’t add to that number dramatically.

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