Brace for a Rough Landing: Flying Fees

If you haven't flown out of Bradley Airport in a while, be prepared to pay for more than your plane ticket to Thanksgiving.  There are a whole host of new charges.  From phone ticket reservations to a little extra leg room, be prepared to tack on an extra $10-$20. 

Checking one bag now runs $15 for almost every airline, except Southwest.  And if you packed a little heavy, be prepared to shell out an extra $25 for the second piece of checked luggage.

If  you want a snack or drink on US Airways, each bag of pretzels or soda runs $2-$5.  For those longer flights, meals on Delta now run between $3 and $8. 

A little comfort could cost a lot of if you're taking your Thanksgiving flight with United.  The extra leg room could cost up to $109.

Want more?

  • Reservation Over the Phone:  American - $20
  • Overweight bag fee: United - $125
  • Over sized bag fee: Southwest - $25
  • Meal: Northwest - $7-$10
  • Travel with Pets: Continental - $125
  • Alcohol: US Airways - $7
  • Standby: Delta - $50

For a complete list of fees and charges on all the major airlines, click here.

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