Get Snooki-ed This Halloween


GET YOUR GTL ON: Had enough Jersey Shore kids yet? No? Already dreaming of October 31st? Yes? Well then, we have a treat for you! The Jersey Shore cast (the interesting ones at least) will be getting their own super tan, super buff, super poof-ed costumes this year, with a cleavage-baring Snooki and name-dropping DJ Pauly D and Mike 'The Situation' because we clearly couldn't judge based on cloth-covered foam abs alone. (Don't worry PG crowd, a version sans the abs is also available. Unfortunately, Snooki sans the plunging necklines is not.) Sorry, the urge to fist-pump is not included but once covered in spandex and silicone, we suspect you'll have no trouble feeling inspired.

BUY IT: Order your Pauly D, The Sitation and Snooki costumes at


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