Amy & Kyle Bergquist's Home Buyer's Guide


Kyle and I are proud to announce the release of our brand new Home Buyer’s Guide.

We are dedicated to sharing as much information as possible about the real estate markets and the process of buying and selling homes. This website is one way in which we communicate, telling stories, analyzing data, and reporting on real estate related events. We try to make it interesting, and we try to be timely.

The Home Buyer’s Guide is a new way for us to share information. It focuses on challenges that home buyers face as they search for a property in Greater Hartford. The guide is broken down into two sections. The first walks through the purchase process in an orderly manner. It helps buyers plan appropriately and know what to expect each step of the way. The second section elaborates on important concepts and discusses topics that buyers often ask about during the purchase process. It serves as a resource, giving buyers a place to start their research when they have questions.

Our Home Buyer’s Guide is available as both a Preview Edition and a Complete Edition. The Preview Edition provides basic information needed to get started on a home search, and is available to everyone. The Complete Edition is 26 pages and thoroughly covers the entire home buying process, and is available exclusively to our clients.

Kyle and I are both full-time agents that provide a high level of service. In our experience, buyers who take the time to learn about the purchase process have a better overall experience than those who start looking at homes without any preparation. We’re always happy to sit down and talk - feel free to give either of us a call.

And if you know anyone considering a purchase, please pass on the Preview Edition of our Home Buyer’s Guide as an example of how we try to go above and beyond for our clients.

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