Kota the Triceratops: How Not to Sell Your House in 2009

Meet Kota the Triceratops.

He’s BIG! He MOVES! He ROARS! He MUNCHES! Folks, if you’re buying one of these creatures for your kids this holiday season, please think about what you’ll do with it if you’re going to be selling your home in 2009.

Just imagine, a prospective buyer and their real estate agent walk into your perfectly staged home. They love the colors you’ve chosen, think the bathroom and kitchen upgrades are lovely. But wait a second. What’s that in the family room or the kid’s room? A BABY DINOSAUR! The buyer and their agent will be out of your house so fast… Who’s ever seen a baby dinosaur without its Mom? You know there’s a full size Triceratops wandering around that house somewhere and the buyer and agent aren’t going to stick around to find out where… Haven’t you ever seen Jurassic Park?


So, if you really do need to buy a Kota the Triceratops and you want to sell your home in 2009, please be sure it’s properly crated for showings. We wouldn’t want any buyers or agents getting munched.


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