Recommendations for Paris?

NOTE: Non-real estate related blog follows.

Kyle and I recently realized that we haven’t been on vacation in 2.5 years. We’ve decided to go to Paris, France for 6 days in January. We’ll be staying in the Latin Quarter, thanks to a helpful recommendation from another blogger.

Just wondering if any of my readers have suggestions on must sees or must visits in Paris? All of the major sites will be visited, so we’re looking for less obvious places.

Any restaurants or pâtisseries that we need to check out? Antique stores? Flea markets? Small gardens? Less traveled charming streets?

We’ll be doing a lot of walking and also taking the Metro, so feel free to recommend out-of-the-way places (still in Paris though).

Any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to post them here in the comments, send me an email, or befriend me on Facebook. Merci à l’avance des idées!


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