Gonna Wash That Sun Right Out of My Hair

Emmett Cooper

INTO THE SUN: There's plenty of efforts to increase sunscreen use and skin care awareness, but little known fact: when it comes to SPF, it can also be your hair's best friend. Not just for colored hair, SPF protection is vital for anyone who plans to put their tresses under the harsh rays of the sun this summer, keeping your strands from drying out, splitting, and breaking. We like Emmett Cooper Haircare's Stabilize Wash with a built-in UV filter, this shampoo packs such a punch that it only has to be used once a week to reep the benefits. Not to mention, like all Emmett Cooper Haircare products, Stabilize Wash is 80 percent certified organic, vegan, and cruelty free.

BUY IT: Find Stabilize Wash for $20 online or at Hall Benedict Drug Company on Orange Street, New Haven.

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