Good in The Sak

SWAP IT: Still lusting over a Givenchy Nightingale in... just pick a color, just any color? Us too. And we've been searching to supplement our desires and have seemed to stumble upon it in a town that NBC Connecticut users just proclaimed the state's best shopping district as Golden Local Winner. New Haven's Hello Boutique is stocked with the Iris Convert via The Sak, which runs just $1500 shy of the purse of the day via Saks.

With a sleeker shape and soft pebbled leather, the Iris Convert might lack those Givenchy plaques, but can be converted into a messenger and back with the snap of a strap. They also replicate some of the signature Nightingale details, with an exaggerated bucket shape, thick stitching, and deep tab handles.

BUY IT: Find for $99 in multiple colors at Hello Boutique on 1090 Chapel Street.

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