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Pigments and Pasties in Paris, not the pie kind either.

FOODIE FLOODS... We were tres sad yesterday when we heard Gourmet Magazine (along with others) would be leaving the Conde Nast empire for good. Foodie bloggers everywhere mourned the loss, just the same as design gurus felt when Domino folded not too long ago. While Bon Appetit survived the cuts, we can look to Gourmet's series of cookbooks, featuring similar salivate-saavy photography to satiate our cravings. Pick up the delectable hardcover, The Best of Gourmet: Sixty-Five Years, Sixty-Five Favorite Recipes, on Amazon.

RAIN OR SHINE... Illamasqua, the beauty brand that makes all the bloggers squeal, caught our eye just a few weeks ago with their rowdy pigments and slick, sinful glosses. We fell in love with their Pure Pigment dust, a shimmering powder that packs a serious punch. They sell the Sealing Gel that can turn the shimmer powder into a high-res eyeliner, but we prefer to sprinkle it over a Vaseline-smeared eye (we like the burnt red with blue undertones shine of Fervent.) We consider it our vote for Little J as Queen Bee on the GG. Find at Sephora in Farmington or order online.

SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT... Rumors have it that a handful of buyers and editors turned their noses up at the Emanuel Ungaro show at Paris Fashion Week that was taken under the wing of everyone's favorite legging mogul, Lindsay Lohan. With a backstage with no-paparazzi filter, we were not so surprised when the capital N of No Shame trotted down the runway wearing none other than heart-shaped pasties. Regardless, we knew someone out there must be feeling it, so we tracked down these burlesque bumper stickers that don't suck. Without tassels or rhinestones, Bristols 6 created practical pasties called Nippies, so subdued that they are even suitable for blushing brides. Order online for around $15, for a pack of two styles.

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