Charge Dropped in Greenwich Murder Mystery

Prosecutors have dropped one charge against one of two men accused of the mysterious killing Greenwich real estate mogul Andrew Kissel.

Just before jury selection began, prosecutors dropped a charge that will mean Leonard Trujillo, 22, could get less than life if convicted of murder.

The case is like something out of Law & Order.

In 2006, movers found Kissel stabbed to death, blind-folded and gagged in the basement of his home just days before he was to plead guilty in a multi-million-dollar fraud case.

Kissel, whose empire was collapsing, have moved more than $350,000 to family members of the two men later charged in the killing him -- his driver, Carlos Trujillo, and the driver’s cousin, Leonard Trujillo's -- the New York Times reported, citing documents.

“(He) was liquidating his personal property and diverting the cash proceeds in an apparent attempt to prevent its seizure by federal authorities,” the Times reported, citing affidavits.

Carlos Trujillo of Bridgeport, is accused of hiring his cousin to kill Kissel. Leonard Trujillo's lawyer has suggested that Kissel's death was a suicide-for-hire.

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