Grinches Strike Shoreline Homes

Madison homeowners are on edge after a string of burglaries.

"It's kind of scary," Gretchen Doktorski said.

The Doktorski family was shaken by news their neighbor's home on Suffolk Drive had been broken into.

"The burglars got in through the basement and tore through the place and took stuff from the kids," Doktorski said. "They took the kids’ Wii and their piggy banks. They took jewelry."

The irony is, Joe Doktorski usually works from home and keeps an eye on the street, but the burglars struck while he was out of town on business.

"It was bizarre, scary it happened during the day," Joe Doktorski said. "The people who did this are fairly bold."

Madison police said there has been a string of daytime burglaries. Residents are startled by the news.

"I don't feel secure in knowing my house might be robbed while I'm not there," Jennifer Rodriguez said.

Police are urging homeowners to take the following precautions:

  • Install deadbolts and use them
  • Close and lock your garage doors
  • Use exterior and motion lights
  • Turn on your alarm system if you have one
  • Stop newspapers and mail delivery while you are out of town
  • Don't leave Christmas gifts and other valuables out in the open for burglars to see.

Joe Doktorski said it's sad that burglars would take advantage of people's generosity during the holidays.

"It's not a good time anytime," Doktorski said. "But especially with the holiday season, it puts a damper on people's spirits in a way."

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