Bradley Back On Track Between Storms

 Bradley International Airport is back on track, for now.

The airport reported no delays or cancellations at 9am Sunday morning as snow started falling again.

Workers scrambled to get travelers on flights Saturday, one day after a heavy snow storm canceled 40 percent of Flights.

On Friday, frustrations mounted as folks watched the flight boards and discovered they would not be getting off the ground as planned.

The Guillot family is spending the holidays in Italy.

"They finally got us on a flight tomorrow morning," said John Guillot of Morristown, Vt.  "We have to stay overnight but you know it's safer that way."

Jeff Dorney was trying to get to Miami Friday.

"I went to check in online last night and it was canceled already.  It was supposed to go out at 2:40 p.m. today and they put me on a five o'clock flight and I'm just hoping that one doesn't get canceled."

By 12:30 p.m. Friday, the airport reported 20 percent of flights were canceled.  That number climbed throughout the day. 

Meanwhile, anxious relatives like Donald Higgins of Windsor waited hoping their loved ones would make it in.

"They're coming in, supposedly, at 12:34.  They're still delayed."

But, said Higgins:  "They're really looking forward to seeing the snow."

While Sunday's storm was expected to bring less snow, people flying out or picking up travelers at Bradley International Airport should call ahead to see if their flights are running on time.

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