Hannah Montana Saves Christmas

Eight-year-old Julia Rameikas is one of Miley Cyrus' biggest fans.  So when the Oakville girl's parents had the opportunity to surprise their little girl with a one-of-a-kind Miley Cyrus gift for Christmas, they bid on some autographed memorabilia for their daughter and won.

Two weeks ago Julia's mom took the autographed t-shirt, photo and music CD to Michael's Arts and Craft store in Waterbury to have the items professionally preserved in a shadowbox.  When Farrellin Rameilkas returned to the store to pick up her daughter's gift on Thursday, a Michael's employee told her the shadowbox was gone.

After scouring the store, the store manager determined that the shadowbox had been stolen and offered to reimburse Julia's mom the purchase price of the autographed memorabilia.

"We paid $150 dollars for the items but it's priceless because it's signed so it's not like getting money back is going to make a difference. We can't just go get another autographed picture or T-shirt," said Rameikas.

Or maybe she could.

Not pleased with the store's offer, Rameikas contacted NBCConnecticut.com for help.  Shortly after a call from NBC 30 to Michael's corporate offices Thursday night, a spokesperson for the Waterbury art store was able to contact Miley Cyrus's agent and the Hannah Montana' star is signing all new memorabilia for little Julia.  Michael's promises she will get her three keepsakes in a shadow box in time for Christmas.

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