Happy New Year! Now Show Me the Money Plan

Rell wants lawmakers to act on deficit plan

Soon after the corks have been popped on New Year’s Eve bottles of bubbly, the state’s lawmakers will be back to work.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell has called the lame duck legislature back to the Capitol on Jan. 2, five days before the new Democratic-controlled legislature opens its 2009 session.

The Republican governor wants them to vote on a plan to eliminate the remaining $356 million deficit for the current fiscal year.

Lawmakers will be acting irresponsibly if they don't take quick action on her latest plan to cut the state's deficit, Rell said.

But Senate President Donald Williams said this week the Senate will wait to act until the next legislature is seated on Jan. 7.

If lawmakers wait another month or more to act, that will be irresponsible, she said. She says they should stick to a timetable and hold a vote by the second week of January.

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